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Coronavirus Lockdown Help

Be a winner and use the lockdown to your advantage!

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How it works


  • Our Booking Optimiser will raise your Hotel‘s Listing Position
  • We adjust your OTA Hotel Profile to optimise it for peak OTA performance
  • Over 150 adjusted parameters
  • No Increase in your Booking Site‘s Commission Fees
  • You can even Significantly Reduce your Booking Site‘s Commission Fees

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Lost on Page 8
of Listing

before RankingJUMP
Your position was 210
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Booking Optimiser


On Page 1 of Listing in the sweet spot

after RankingJUMP optimisation
Your position is now 13
What happens when the CV-19 Lockdown ends?

Hotel guests will return!

  • But probably in smaller numbers.
  • Probably too many hotels and not enough guests.
  • Get yourself ahead of your competition.
  • You need to jump ahead with RankingJUMP!
  • Your older guests will probably stay at home longer.
  • Younger guests will start to use the hotels more. You might need our expertise to reach them and to connect with them on Social Media and on their mobile devices such as pads and Smartphones.
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Use our solution

Get smart and enlist our help using our amazing Computer Program which we have aptly called "RankingJUMP".

be visible
Be Visible – Be Attractive -
Be Desirable

Make sure that the Potential Guests who see your hotel have the desire to book.

Champions have winning support teams behind them.

Choose RankingJUMP for your winning support team!

We can really jump your hotel up the rankings in the Internet Hotel Booking Portals.

Our experts will look at a wide range of aspects to make sure that your hotel is presented in the best possible way. Use the CV-19 lockdown time to get into great shape with RankingJUMP.

Look at the benefits!
This is what it can mean for your hotel


raise your hotel‘s position and decrease your ota commission costs!

Big revenue jump
revenue increase
17% *

Revenue Increase
in just 4 weeks!

position up
Increase Your Hotel position in OTA
23% *

Higher Position
in OTA Listing

Cut ota
cutting of commision cost
24% > 12% *

Your Commission
Costs Halved!

* The results are based on approximately 300 optimisations made for our Polish clients, implemented by our team in 2019.

Over 300 Satisfied Customers!

Increasing revenue!

Reduced costs when you are listed on online Hotel Room Booking & Reservation Services

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Your reservation worries can be over with RankingJUMP supporting your hotel!

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