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Booking Optimiser: earn more without raising your commission

27 sierpnia 2020

Most hoteliers and tourists already know the Booking Portals. They are supposed to support the tourist industry in attracting new guests, and for tourists they are a perfect place to find many accommodation options. Creating a profile may seem simple, but there are many factors that influence the attractiveness of the offer, the occupancy rate and the commission, which is often dramatic.

Start od cooperation

The full complement of the Business Card on the Booking Portal has a significant impact on increasing the Listing Position of the facility on the portal and thus increasing the number of reservations made by potential guests. To meet this requirement, we have created a Service called „Booking Optimiser”. The Booking Optimiser Service consists of two parts. It analyses the existing business card on the website and helps to create a profile that will be attractive in terms of sales. But what is extremely important, is that the Business Card is arranged according to the priorities of the Booking Portal Algorithm. Over 150 parameters are adjusted and their impact on the Booking Portal Booking Algorithm is measured. In this way it is known which parameters have the most influence on the position in the listing position on the Booking Portal.

One of our customers with whom we have partnered is Villa Nicolo. An important element of the cooperation is to have data and informational material available for analysis. That also means having good contact and communications with the Owner or General Manager. This was also the case here. Due to the fact that it is a seasonal facility, it was important for the informational process to proceed quickly and efficiently. In this case, it was a quick and effective process. Mrs. Wiesława, the owner of the facility, immediately gave us the materials and information needed for our work, and followed every suggestion we made.
Here is how the Business Card looked before optimisation:

gallery before optimisation

Gallery before optimisation

The first thing that we paid attention to was the position of the facility when we entered the location of „Wladyslawowo”, Villa Nicolo was not visible on the Booking Portal. More importantly, there was never an occasion when we entered the Booking Portal and the facility was visible. This had to be corrected immediately.

When looking at the original page of the facility, it can be assumed that it was fully prepared for reservations. However, taking into account the factors which influence the attractiveness of the facility and thus what actually translates into bookings, then it did not use its full potential. When looking through the photo gallery, one can conclude that everything seems to be alright. There are photos of rooms or bathrooms, but they were not presented as they should be. There are many aspects to consider, including:

  • The order in which the photos are arranged – this is a key aspect, as the gallery should attract the visitor’s attention and encourage them to look through all the photos. This may lead to the decision to book a room in this facility.
  • The quality of the photos – photos should not be of poor quality or blurred. They should present the object in the best possible way.

Villa Nicolo had a photo gallery on its profile, but they did not present the full picture and the attractiveness of this facility. After our suggestions, Mrs. Wiesława organized a photo session, thanks to which it was possible to show the facility in a positive way.

In addition to photos, we have audited other aspects of the Business Card, including facilities. As with most of the establishments that we see, the Business Card was not fully completed. Some items also needed to be improved. A common mistake in the amenities is to select the option of having rooms with larger beds (over 2 meters), where in fact such beds are not available. After having conversations with the client and in analysing the profile, all of the Business Card points were completed and the visibility of the facility increased.

Host profile

The host profile is one of the elements that influences the attractiveness of the profile. During our analysis, we noticed that the host profile of Villa Nicolo was completed, but needed to be corrected as it wasn’t comprehensible to visitors of the Business Card. The host profile is an important point for the guests, because they can learn more about the facility and the owner.

Optimisation Indicator before our actions

page quality factor before optimisation

Page quality factor before optimisation

As you can see above, the website has been optimised to 88%. It seems to be a satisfactory result, but for the facility to be fully appreciated, it should be filled in 100%. On the Booking Portal Website, even a 1% difference can bring a significant increase in bookings.

Results from the last 90 days before any actions were taken

Traditionally, the best indicator of an action is to check the result of the last 30 days before any action was taken. When we logged on to the Villa Nicolo extranet, the portal had technical problems and gave zero statistics. Therefore, in this situation we decided to check the results from the last 90 days before any action was taken.

results before service

Results before service

Above, we present a chart of the 90 days preceding the start of our activities. There are three elements to note:

  • The number of views in the search engine – 30,685 This is the result for the facility, which means how many people typed in the particular parameters that resulted in the facility being displayed;
  • Page views – 1,074 The number of people who looked at the profile of the facility on the website
  • Reservations – 15 The number of people who booked accommodation in Villa Nicolo through a Booking Portal.

The analysis shows that 1.4% of people browsing the facility’s profile booked a room on the Booking Portal.

Start of actions

gallery after optimisation

Gallery after optimisation

As mentioned earlier, Mrs. Wiesława willingly followed our instructions. Together with the photographer, they took into account our suggestions and prepared a photo session of the facility.

Thanks to these actions, we were able to introduce beneficial changes for the facility. We rebuilt the photo gallery to positively show the object in terms of sales advantage, among other things by setting the outside image of the facility as the main one.
The photos were also graphically processed so that their quality and size best matched the Booking Portal’s guidelines and were attractive from the business point of view.

Although these changes may seem small, they have a significant impact on the impression of the facility and in subsequent reservations.

Actions in the host profile

profile after optimisation

Profile after optimisation

We also made changes to the host profile to make it fully comprehensible and attractive to visitors. It was also important to take into account the Booking Portal’s guidelines and pay attention to elements that make the description valuable in terms of sales.

Facilities and surroundings

We paid special attention to complete the information about the facilities and its surroundings. No point should be forgotten, as it can have a significant impact on the assessment of the facility.

Every aspect related to the environment, including restaurants, grocery stores or attractions in the vicinity, has been complemented in detail. These are extremely popular factors among visitors of the profile.

Facilities and surroundings

As in any industry, reviews have an incredible impact on the popularity of a service or facility. It is believed that answering opinions or questions can have a positive impact on attracting new guests to the facility. This is confirmed by years of market research and professional opinions. Therefore, during our optimisation activities, we encourage clients to answer every comment or question.

Optimisation indicator after our actions

page quality factor after service

Page quality factor after service

As you can see above, the rating of the page content has increased to 100%. It should be remembered that before the start of the actions, the indicator showed 88%. We completed every aspect of the business card. Will such changes affect the results? Let’s check!

Results after actions – last 90 days

We mentioned earlier that the Booking Portal was going through technical problems when we started our actions, so we based the statistics not on the last 30 days, but on 90 days. Here is what it looked like:

results after service

Results after service

After we finished our actions, the number of bookings on the Booking Portal website increased from 15 to 37. This is an increase of 147%! The profile page views increased from 1074 to 3212. The graph shows a decrease (in comparison to the same period in the previous year), but we should first of all pay attention to the number of views in the search engine. It shows an increase to 329,174 views! This is a very important factor, because this year the trend has changed and many visitors use the Booking Portals as search engines and then visit the facility’s website or its Google business card. The number of direct bookings then increases.

The conclusions are as follows: thanks to the expansion of the business card and making it more attractive in terms of sales, bookings on the website increased by as much as 147%!


The „Booking Optimiser” service significantly increases the number of times a facility is displayed and its attractiveness, which has a direct impact on the increase in bookings while not increasing commissions. It is the most optimal business strategy for hotel facilities with regards to OTA (Online Travel Agency).

As experienced industry specialists, we know how to prepare hotel profiles for OTA in order to gain as much as possible. Please contact us and see how you can earn more.

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