Booking, terms of cooperation.

booking cooperation terms
10 stycznia 2020

In line with what Booking itself provides on its website, they provide the possibility of booking nearly 1.5 million accommodation facilities. It’s easy to see how many hoteliers understand the potential of being present on the portal. At the same time, it should be noted that many of them do not know exactly what it is all about.


How do I register a hotel on

The registration process itself is simple and free. At the very beginning you are required to provide only:

  • The number of facilities that we want to register,
  • First name and last name,
  • An email address that will serve you throughout the period of cooperation with the OTA.

After you have completed these simple steps, will verify the data you provided, which will allow you to take further steps in connection with the provision of hotel rooms on the site. Following positive verification, you get access to the administrative panel, known as Extranet Booking. This will allow you to enter relevant data on the hotel’s page.


Booking, rules of cooperation with the reservations service.

Everything is great, but if the registration of the facility is completely free, then how does the Online Travel Agency earn on you and your hotel? It is very easy. Commission system. As the name suggests, you will be charged a commission on booking accommodation on this website. Yes, you set yourself the amount of commission you pay, but you cannot go down below a certain minimum, which the portal determines in advance.

In practice, sometimes it happens that some accommodation facilities pay up to 50% of a single reservation. It is easy to see that in some cases earnings will be negligible, even despite better accessibility for a potential visitor. Is this actually a beneficial solution? I daresay it isn’t, but you really have to answer that question yourself.

As for the payment itself, it is not made each time, but it takes place once a month, with the specification of all reservations from a given settlement month on the invoice. Undoubtedly, it is quite a convenient solution, because it does not introduce unnecessary clutter, and allows you to conveniently manage your rooms along with payments for them.

In addition to being present on the portal, you receive 24/7 support from the portal, verification of real guest opinions and tools and functions that allow you to control your activities efficiently.


If everything is so simple, where is the catch?

Theoretically, it sounds great, doesn’t it? You add your facility, wait for verification and it’s ready. The facility is added, we only complete the data, set the commission rate and simply use it. The perfect solution! It is a pity that it is not so easy. Why? You are not the only facility that makes use of the presence on

Hence, there is a very high probability bordering on the certainty that your competition also makes its rooms available on the OTA. So just like you, they pay commission for their presence in search results. So you are not sure whether you pay more or less than your competitors.

Somebody will say, so what? Everyone has the right to do so. Yes, you cannot forbid it, but how can you make your guests get to your rooms instead of competing rooms? Let’s assume that you and three hotels competitive to your facility display accommodation on the pages of the portal. Let’s also simplify that they pay the same commission as you do. Which of us will be higher in the search engine then?

The one who has the best constructed offer and pays most attention to its appearance. The second option is to increase your commission so that you can jump over your competitors and get higher without much effort. Unfortunately, it will affect your profits. You can also invest in various programs available on the site; however, it also involves additional fees, so the receipts will also decrease and it will simply stop paying off.


How to improve your position and lower your commission on Booking?

The best option is to take care of your single page website on the portal, create an appropriate price offer, or as I wrote above, ensure its proper appearance and structure. The optimization of the website page means a lower commission for and a higher position in their search engine.

Good descriptions, properly presented amenities in the facility, appropriate photos, or just a price list together with availability and your revenues can jump by up to 30%.
There are a lot of hotel facilities that do not pay attention to their websites and maintain a high position, only because they pay a high commission.

This is not synonymous with the fact that they have a lot of guests. This is where you should see your chance to gain a wide range of loyal guests. Optimize your website and see how your profits grow.

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