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04 sierpnia 2020

The offer on continues to be a very important part of a hotel’s online sales. It is important that the business card is optimised in the right way. Is 100% filling in of the business card enough to give you a much higher ranking in the Search Results and increase sales? Let’s see!

From the first contact to the result

The entire process of creating a business card in started from contact with the hotel. We saw the potential for improvement because at first glance the details were completed incorrectly. It could be done much better.

Booking Optimiser focuses on all, even the smallest elements in the Extranet.

The whole process, from the first contact to the first increases in reservations, took about two or three weeks due to the very good communications with the owner, who efficiently provided us with all the necessary materials for optimisation which helped a lot.

Matters that had to be resolved by phone also went smoothly. The speed of the obtained results always depends largely on the speed at which the necessary optimisation elements will be delivered.

Business card before optimisation

business card before optimisation

The original condition of the business card

Before we started our activities, our client’s location reservation availability was closed for some time. The gallery, as can be seen in the above screen, was arranged in a quite random manner, which has a great impact on the positioning of the offer in the booking portal, and above all – by the perception of the offer to the potential Guest.

Using our experience, we dealt with the topic of availability in order to be able to sell the accommodation through the booking portal. Fortunately, we managed to straighten out the whole situation without any major problems and the hotel began to be available for booking again.

Looking at the business card from the outside, it seemed complete, but not all of the elements were presented as they should be. For example, a photo gallery on a business card. It was completed and contained a large number of photos but:

  • They could be arranged much better, not only in terms of booking algorithms but also in terms of users looking for accommodation,
  • Tagging of the photos should be done in more detail in order to facilitate raising the position in the results,
  • The measurements and quality of the photos should be adjusted in terms of algorithms that check them on the business card.

The photos themselves are a ranking factor, their sales value should also be taken into account, and since we make hundreds of business cards a year, we are able to realistically evaluate the value of a given photo.

Before they are optimised and inserted by us, the action is preceded by a study of closer and further competition and a study of how similar choices worked in our previous implementations.

We also saw a lot of scope for improvement in the amenities. After logging in to the business card for the first time, we could see their partial completion. After analyzing and talking to the client, we decided that there can be much more achieved in this matter. Also, we drew similar conclusions after examining the surroundings of the facility and nearby attractions.

Host’s profile

host's profile before optimisation

The hotel’s profile before the service

The hotel’s profile at the time we started our activities was also only partially filled out. One of the tasks ahead of us was to complete this tab from a sales point of view, and in this way giving the hotel the most benefits. I am a person who is supposed to increase sales, but also take care of people looking for a perfect offer, including information about the hotel and its surroundings.

Optimisation rate before actions

optimisation summary before service

Before the Booking Optimisation service

At first sight, the optimisation rate is very high. Is that true? Well, not necessarily. Later in the study, you will find out that seemingly high completion of the business card, only gives the impression of a good result.
In this case, the difference between 99% and 100% will bring a big increase in bookings, so don’t underestimate any element of the business card.

Results from the last 30 days before the action

30 days before any action

30 days before any action

The chart above shows how the results have developed over the last 30 days from the start of work. What does it mean and what elements should you pay attention to?

The number of views in the search engine (7515) – the number of times the property was displayed in the search engine for people looking for a stay according to the guidelines in which the property is located.

Pageviews (920) – this is the number of users who saw the content of our client’s offer during the 30 studied days before we started our actions.

Reservations (119) – users who booked accommodation in the facility on the intermediary’s website.
Almost 13% of users viewing the offer ultimately made a reservation on the website.

It’s time to start the optimising

the business card after changes

The business card after changes

As I wrote above, the business card from the „top” side, visible to potential guests, has undergone considerable changes. The gallery was rebuilt and shown accordingly and in harmony with the sales process. All photos have been processed graphically.

All photos were also tagged, we took care of the appropriate size and quality of already visible photos, seemingly cosmetic changes have a significant impact on monthly sales.

We also checked the correctness of the marker position on the maps and, understandably, directions to the most important points in the near and far vicinity of the facility.

Changes made to the host’s profile

the hotel’s profile after changes

The hotel’s profile after changes

The hotel’s profile has been completed in accordance with the guidelines, of course, there are many options for filling these elements out, but it is important to follow the established rules while keeping in mind the „pro-sales” value.

Information about the hotel is displayed to anyone looking for more information about where to stay and who they want to stay with.

Amenities, surroundings, pricing plans

The above-mentioned zones have also been properly completed, even if there are few changes, they are important ranking factors, so you should not forget about them.

Restaurants, grocery stores in the area, tourist attractions and similar things have been completed with due care.

Not only itself pays attention to this, but most of all, users and potential guests.

The same is the case with price plans – we have prepared a proposal for each possible option available on the website, to increase the booking possibilities.

The amenities in the rooms have been filled in full – from the size of the room, through the amenities available in them, to bathrooms and photo galleries of individual rooms.

Opinions about the object

Every now and then the industry talks about the importance of opinions and responding to all of them. I, myself, am a fan of this approach. Our Optimiser specialists also think in the same way.

We make sure that during the optimisation process, opinions about our clients’ properties are not left unanswered. Years of research in this matter prove clearly – facilities that respond to all opinions have greater ease in attracting a new hotel guest.

Booking rate after taken action

100% evaluation of the website content

100% evaluation of the website content

Purely theoretically, the evaluation of the website content jumped only by 1 percentage point. Is that true and were there really so few changes that they did not bring any tangible benefits?

You’ll find out about it in a moment. Especially because the changes I have described were much more than the above-mentioned 1% indicate. So let’s see what our changes have brought?

Results after the service – last 30 days

The last 30 days

The last 30 days

After completing our actions (in the last 30 days), we have 162 reservations, and before the start of work, we recorded 119 reservations. It is easy to calculate that we have an increase of 36% here! Let’s not forget:

  • We are talking about the off-season (September / October / November),
  • We are talking about a not entirely touristic location, which additionally increases the scale of difficulties if you want to increase the bookings.

The number of views in the search engine increased by just 3.3% (from 7515 to 7760), while the page views increased by as much as 27%! (from 920 to 1169).

The conclusions that can be drawn from the paragraph above are clear. Despite the negligible increase in views, the attractiveness of the business card has increased significantly, as many as 27% more users have looked inside it.

Its structure itself is also much more attractive and sales-oriented, as 36% more people have decided to book accommodation!


A slight increase in the offer’s views in the search engine (only 3.3%) brought as much as 27% more views of the offer, which in turn translated into as much as 36% more bookings compared to the previously examined period.

The Booking Optimiser works and brings benefits, and there are many more cases such as Hotel Property 17. Contact us and see that there is no need to increase the commission to start earning more today!

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