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Complete Marketing Strategy – Villa Royal Case study

31 lipca 2020

Complete Marketing Strategy

Look at how we increased the hotel’s income by 159%

  • Problem Analysis
  • Action Taken
  • Road Map
  • The Results

Hotel Villa Royal, in the town of Ostrów Wielkopolski, with help of the company Booking Solutions, increased its income in both November and December 2017, with respect to the previous year, by 159% and 150%. Hotel Villa Royal is a 3-star facility with extraordinary potential, located in the very center of Ostrów Wielkopolski close to the railway station and the charming town square. That’s what makes it attractive to individual guests, business clients and to the organised groups.

What problems did we face?

First of all, the hotel lacked separate marketing services and therefore a marketing strategy was planned in advance. Marketing activities were outdated and were performed on the basis of the need of the moment rather than the plan that was going to bring specific benefits in the future.

The hotel’s website was out-of-date and made using old technology which contained a flash plug-in, which will cease to be fully supported by the end of 2020. Moreover, the content of the website was illegible and did not encourage booking. Technically, the website was not adjusted to the modern mobile users and was poorly optimised for phrases essential to the facility.

There was no booking engine on the website to encourage guests to book accommodation directly with the hotel. There was only a contact form which was very illegible and an unintuitive booking form that did not fulfil its role in any way.

The strategy of activities in Social Media was not planned in any way. Uploaded posts
were irregular and there was no interaction with users visiting the profile. They did not encourage the growth of interest in hotel services and a restaurant.

The procedures and activities of the hotel reception were also not carried out properly.
Sometimes, during a conversation with people interested in booking, the receptionists were sending potential guests to the intermediaries’ websites and therefore, the hotel was losing guests from direct, commission-free booking.

The hotel responded very irregularly to the comments and opinions of Guests, both on the intermediaries’ websites and in Social Media. As a result, it was not treated professionally and wasn’t customer-friendly. It didn’t matter whether the comment was negative or positive, as the hotel would not respond to it anyway.

Action taken

The first step our company took was to thoroughly examine the potential of the Villa Royal hotel. The examination involved:

  1. Checking the website of the facility at that time in terms of:
    • visibility
    • sales
    • technology
  2. Verification of the hotel’s AdWords campaigns
  3. We also examined the property’s business card on the portal and all the elements found on it. Both in terms of it being appropriately completed and also its sales value.
  4. Mystery shopping research, thanks to which we could get to know:
    • the attitude of the reception staff towards customers in terms of friendliness
    • effectiveness of telephone sales
    • the collection of email addresses from potential guests
  5. Study of the Facebook profile in terms of
    • relations with users
    • answers to the comments
    • regularity
    • sales value

Road Map

  1. Initial contact with the hotel – start point
  2. Analysis of the hotel’s potential – 4 days
  3. Meeting on the topic of marketing activities – 1 day
  4. The signing of the agreement on marketing activities – 1 day
  5. Agreement on the website design – 2 days
  6. Implementation of marketing activities on Facebook – 5 days
  7. Agreement on Booking Solutions Optimisation – 2 days
  8. Provision of Booking Solutions Optimising service – 4 days
  9. Design and optimisation of the new website – 20 days
  10. Implementation of Booking Engine – 7 days

The results

159% – Increase in incomes from in November 2017 in comparison to the previous year

150% – Increase in incomes from in December 2017 in comparison to the previous year

During a 5 month period after our work finished, the growth in Facebook Reach increased by 103% in comparison to the previous 5 months.

We have also made a number of marketing materials for the hotel, such as business cards, leaflets and promotional cards for restaurant tables. We have also created a number of marketing campaigns in social media aimed at increasing the interest in the hotel and in the restaurant’s offer.

Opportunities developed

  1. A systematic increase in traffic on the hotel’s direct website
  2. The growing number of direct bookings, by implementing the booking engine on the website
  3. Building the user base and systematically increasing the visitors to the hotel’s fan page on Facebook
  4. Building a database of e-mail addresses for the regular mailing of the hotel newsletter

The comprehensive and complete marketing strategy that we applied to Hotel Villa Royal, systematised the activities in this sector, which helped to build better relations with potential and also current guests. Secondly, business cards and 100% completion helped to raise the hotel’s position and to significantly increase its incomes, in comparison to what the hotel achieved the previous year. As for the website, its new version is fully in line with the latest trends, which together with the implementation of the reservation engine in the near future, will translate into an improvement in direct bookings and the reduction or elimination of commissions to intermediaries.

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