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Google My Business – Kolory Mazur

10 września 2020

Imagine a beautiful Masurian lake, fresh air and charming cottages overlooking the lake. Sounds beautiful? This is the situation with Kolory Mazur – cottages for rent at the lake Szelag Wielki. It is said that a good place doesn’t need advertising, but is that true?

Kolory Mazur

Kolory Mazur Houses

Even the best and most beautiful place must be visible for others to take advantage of the offer. Such visibility is given by Google Business Card. The most common place a potential visitor looks to find accommodation is the Google search engine. After entering the name of the accommodation facility, the Google business card should appear on the right side of the monitor. Then you are able to find out more about the place and make a direct booking.

What did it look like in the case of Kolory Mazur?

The facility Kolory Mazur had a business card, but it was not fully optimised. There were no photos or relevant information related to the facilities providing accommodation. It is important that all possible parameters are completed – otherwise the facility will not be completely visible in the search engine, or attractive for those looking for accommodation.

What should you pay attention to?

Kolory Mazur are attractive and beautifully decorated houses, which are in a wonderful location. Unfortunately, due to the lack of photos, people could not see it. That is why, it is important to place the photos of the facility in the Google Business Card. What is more, these photos should be visually attractive, showing all the important rooms and arranged in the correct order. We sent Mrs. Aldona, the owner of Masuria Colors, our guidelines on what photos needed to be taken of the cottages and she then engaged a professional photographer to do the work. We then placed the photos in the correct order into the Google Business Card. What was the result? In a short period of time the number of views of the photos of the cottages increased significantly, and subsequently the number of direct reservations increased!

Kolory Mazur interior

Kolory Mazur interior

Completion of facility information

Do not forget to complete the information about the facility. Depending on the type of business you choose, you will have additional options to complete. For example – if the facility has a restaurant, it is known that you can add a menu or the kitchen working hours. Kolory Mazur is a facility related to the rental of cottages which means accommodation. It is then important to describe what is in the facility, the available attractions or the hours of check-in and check-out. Do not forget to give your telephone number. Why? The trend of reservations through intermediaries is disappearing in favour of direct reservations. If the phone number is given in the Google Business Card, guests have the opportunity to call directly – especially if they are browsing the Business Card via smartphone. There is no need to sign in anywhere, which gives comfort to people who do not like bookings through OTA or are not familiar with modern technology and prefer direct contact. Mrs. Aldona also runs the Facebook account and the facility’s website, so it was worth adding their address.

google my business card

Google My Business Profile

The Business Card in Google Maps

The Google Business Card is not only visible from the search engine, it is also visually presented in Google maps. Many travelers use Google Maps as navigation. What’s more, often on the road they can search for accommodation from that level of the application. That is why it is extremely important to correctly set the Location Pin of the facility at the Business Card level. A good positioning of a Google Business Card increases the visual display presence of a facility in Google maps. How did this option affect the results of Kolory Mazur? The number of times that it was displayed over the following 28 days increased by 104%, which translated into the mentioned increased number of direct reservations.


Even the best facility needs to advertise its services. An extremely important element of advertising is to have a properly created Google Business Card. A vivid example in this case is Kolory Mazur – a number of attractive cottages located by a picturesque Masurian lake. Along with the optimised Google Business Card, the expected increase in the number of views and interest in Kolory Mazur actually happened. With a clear conscience, we can recommend a visit to Kolory Mazur. Our opinion is supported by the positive feedback from visitors who rated Kolory Mazur at 5 stars. A satisfied guest who wants to return to the facility is the best that a hotelier can achieve!

If you need help in creating or optimising your Google Business Card, then please contact us. We are experts in online marketing of hotels. We would be happy to help you increase the interest in your facility!

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