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Hotel websites – 7 points thanks to which you will build the perfect website for your property

03 września 2020

The websites are an excellent source of direct bookings for hotels. It is said that 52% of travelers enter the hotel’s website before deciding to stay in the facility. Therefore, a graphically appropriate and technologically advanced website with booking tools should be a definite priority for hoteliers. What should they pay attention to when ordering designs of such websites?

Individual design

Everyone has their own way of doing business. What works in one hotel is not necessarily suitable for another. Therefore, the website should be tailor-made, i.e. adapted to individual needs. Before we prepare a project, we discuss the details with the client to make sure that it will represent the hotel brand in one hundred percent.


The system in which the website operates has a great impact on its reception by hoteliers and visitors. We believe that the best solution is to base the project on WordPress CMS system, which is administrator and user friendly. What does WordPress give you above all?

  • Easy to use,
  • safety,
  • compliance with current standards,
  • possibility of self-editing the page.

Not everyone has to be familiar with the topic of websites to run them. However, it is important that the system is easy to use and intuitive. Additionally, it is important, if it can be updated, to meet market requirements and the latest trends.

WordPress CMS System

Responsive Web Design

We live in a world controlled by the Internet. We use it not only through computers, but also other mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. That is why website designs must be responsive, i.e. work properly on all such devices. Thanks to a well-prepared project in terms of responsiveness, there is no need to create other, additional websites that will work only on mobile devices. It is currently one of the most important options when building good websites. Responsive websites increase interest among Internet users and help hotels increase the number of direct reservations.

Responsywne strony internetowe

Direct Booking Reservation System (DBRS)

It is known that with the website you have, the number of direct reservations should increase. To improve this, a good solution is to place a booking engine on your website. A well constructed and implemented booking engine will help hotels in attracting guests. It is worth considering here our original Booking Engine – DBRS, which is, like WordPress, easy to use and intuitive, which gives comfort to both guests and hoteliers. Our engine is stylistically matched to the design of the site, after agreeing the color scheme and layout with the client. In addition to the appropriate styling, technical aspects are also important. What does our booking engine give among others?

  • Facility, booking and user management,
  • integration with the most popular Booking Portals,
  • full security through data encryption.

It is advisable to add our DBRS Booking Engine to the hotel website.


As mentioned earlier, running a website using WordPress is easy and intuitive. However, it is good to have training on how to run a website before it is introduced to the public. It’s a well-known fact – everyone learns from their mistakes and learning on their own is certainly very valuable. However, when running a business it is important not to discourage a potential visitor. That is why our qualified staff conducts training for our clients on how to operate their new website.

Transfer of ownership

We create websites for our clients. However, they should be and are the owners. That is why it is important for the hotelier to be aware that with the completion of the project, they receive the website as their property, and they do not have it only „in the subscription”. Due to the fact that they own the rights to the website, they can edit all the content and add photos without anyone’s interference and additional fees.


It is important to have a guarantee in case of unexpected technical problems. Such a guarantee should also cover hotel websites, because it is their business card and one of the sources of income through direct bookings. Our websites have a 24-month warranty on all technical errors and the support of our team, which gives the opportunity to quickly return to functionality.. Thus, it is worth noting this aspect when signing the contract.

Our projects

As professionals in our field we are proud of our projects. Therefore, we present below examples of the websites we created. We invite you to look at them and to contact us – we will prepare an interesting offer for you!

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