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How do the photos and hotel reviews affect reservations?

RankingJUMP - photos nad opinions about hotel
03 lipca 2020

Nowadays, in the first place, hotel guests buy with their eyes. Yes, if you have a good location and price, it’s easier to make a reservation decision. Think about what elements make guests choose this hotel instead of another one.

Hotel reviews build a reputation

Even the best and most popular accommodation facilities in the world would not have built their brand and guest base if they had only negative opinions.

That is why the hotel’s perception should be taken care of on many levels. What’s more, even if you don’t have negative opinions, you should also respond to the positive ones.

This is why we decided to create a Channel Opinion. With the purpose of making hotel managers’ lives easier. Because we know that opinion management is the key to building a strong brand!

Referring to the research conducted by, as much as 96% of people looking for accommodation, read opinions about a given object. What’s interesting, some hotels from the accommodation industry still have a problem with responding to reviews left by guests.

A large proportion of hoteliers not only do not respond to published opinions, but also do not control what is being said about them on the Internet.

Why is this so important? Without controlling the opinions that appear, you don’t know what guests think about the services you offer.

You do not know their point of view, so you have no idea what suits them and also what is your greatest asset (so this should be highlighted!). You also don’t know what needs improvement and which elements of managing the hotel you absolutely need to pay attention to.

Opinions must not be underestimated, look at TripAdvisor!

view the TripAdvisor homepage

View the TripAdvisor homepage

According to data published by Guardian, nearly 460 million people every month (nearly 1 in 16 people on earth!) Visit TripAdvisor or one of its branches.

Even this gives a clear signal that it is worth presenting your property on this site. TripAdvisor has for some time strongly directed its profile towards a more social approach to the subject of booking.

From the main page you can see that it has a more social style. In the first view, you can see a photo published by the user (another example that photos play a key role!). Next, you have a possibility to like the photo or the person who posted it, you can also forward it, or publish your own profile.

The left side of the view is an incentive to publish your own materials (photos and reviews), while the right is a column telling you who is worth looking at on TripAdvisor, i.e. a list of popular reviewers whose opinions are often taken into account and treated as recommendable and authoritative.

The emphasis on embossing users’ materials and the ability to like their insights show the leading role of reviews in the process of choosing a travel destination.

People evaluate many elements

Trip Advisor hotel reviews

Trip Advisor hotel reviews

Looking at the profile of an exemplary hotel from Warsaw, one can notice the average rating of the the establishment, the number of reviews and four criteria that make up the average rating:

  • Location,
  • Cleanliness,
  • The service,
  • Value.

Below there you can also see the quality certificate, awarded to facilities regularly receiving high ratings from reviewers.

Not only opinions but also photos!

Opinions are one thing, and you should definitely take care of them first, but also remember about the pictures. Photographs play an important role in the sales process.

By attracting with a photo, you increase curiosity, you build a shopping desire. Observing the largest and most popular places on the Polish and global market, you can note that they pay great attention to the photographs they publish.

I will use the example of Hotel Las Piechowice, available for booking through The hotel used our Booking Optimizer service, so it went through all aspects of business card optimization.

All the changes described were made in a one week period, so the figures published below will also show a period of 7 days.

The first selling item seen through the eyes of guests is the main picture, so it has also been edited.

The main photo

main image before optimization

Main image before optimization

We decided that the current main photo is not very competitive, and the photos we received from the client can highlight the advantages of the hotel much better.

Then the main picture was updated to the one chosen by us, the one that carries higher sales value:

the main photo after the change

The main photo after the change

After the change, it looks like this. The perspective and way of presenting the object have changed. The entire gallery of the facility has also changed.


photo gallery before editing, source:

Photo gallery before editing, source:

Before editing, the photo gallery was presented in this way. I used the example of four rows of miniatures, which gives sufficient overview of before and after profile optimization.

As we can see below, exemplary four rows of photos present this way:

edited photos, source:

Edited photos, source:

Not only has the order of photos changed, but the less attractive ones have been removed, We’ve added completely new photos. Their number has also increased significantly, which of course cannot be seen in the above screenshot, as it plays only an illustrative role.

What results from the changes, i.e. before and after!

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t use tangible numerical results, so let’s compare the situation before the changes we have made and afterwards. I remind you that both screens were made within 7 days!

Results before changes

hotel statistics on the booking portal before editing the profile

Hotel statistics on the booking portal before editing the profile

Here are the results of the hotel that are visible in the foreground on

  • The number of impressions in the search engine,
  • Object views,
  • Popularity.

The results cover the last 30 days, while the values ​​expressed in red are comparisons of the day on which the data was checked by us to the previous day. The decrease in all three values ​​is also very visible.

Results after changes

hotel results after changes

Hotel results after changes

Las Piechowice hotel statistics 7 days after editing profile

After 7 days we looked again at the above statistics and here’s what we’ve found. All results increased significantly:

  • The number of impressions on the search engine increased by 2938 compared to the previous day and by 39925 views compared to the previous week,
  • Views of the object increased by 130 in 24 hours, while during the week by 1674,
  • The popularity went up 4 places in 24 hours and 25 in 7 days (here the number is quite changeable because the algorithms take into account the facilities available for booking on a given day).

Search impressions increased by 17.9%, while the hotel’s views increased by 14.8% in one week!

This percentage increase is not a coincidence, so there is a piece of visible evidence that changing photos and optimizing your business card can result in a bigger interest in your property.

The increase in interest in this particular hotel by almost 15% is a very good result. Remember that this photo is the first element that draws attention when compared with the entire list of currently available facilities.

Channel Opinion, what do we have for you?

Years of cooperation with hotels of various sizes and hundreds of hours of talks with hoteliers have made us aware of the importance of guest reviews when choosing accommodation.

Managing them is also not an easy matter. Therefore, to meet their expectations, we decided to gather all the most important portals in one transparent and intuitive tool.

What can our Channel Opinion do?

Why is our tool the best possible choice?

  • It will collect for you all the opinions about your property, from the most important booking services on the market (, TripAdvisor, Expedia, HRS,,
    Download opinions from the most important social networks in the world (Facebook, Google My Business Card),
  • It will save all opinions in one, transparent and readable database,
  • It will monitor the newly emerging opinions on a regular basis, thanks to which none of them will be missed by you!
  • It will send you an email notification to the addresses you provide,
  • It will send you a notification via SMS to the phone numbers you specify,
  • It will allow an easy search of all opinions,
  • It will allow you to analyze all entries appearing on the Internet in terms of the ratings given to you,
  • It will calculate the average of your ratings on all portals where your feature is visible,
  • It will generate a report on opinions appearing in the period of your choice – thanks to this you will know if you are going in the right direction!

All these elements can be found in one Panel, which you can operate from a personal computer and all mobile devices!

Why is it worth doing?

For a month you will get FREE access to all the most important functions of our tool. You will be able to test the operation of our solutions yourself.

You will find out how comfortable it is to quickly respond to reviews and get instant notifications about who and what people are writing about staying at your property.

Graphic materials come from, and


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