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kayak modern solutions for hotels
10 stycznia 2020

Visibility of the hotel is one of the most important matters. Therefore, the more sites on the Internet we take into account when creating our strategy, the better for us and our sales. The more so because taking care about our prices, availability and opinions in one place, we can make them appear in several others. Since we already know how to lower the commission on Booking Portals, it is worth using it and making our hotel facility visible in many places!


How do you add a hotel to

Creating an entry of our hotel on the portal is free. The free option does not include showing prices and availability of rooms in our facility. If the hotel wants these aspects to be displayed on the portal, it must link the hotel through the reservation system.

Why is it worth doing? Visitors are increasingly using portals on which they can compare the offers of one hotel in several places. After all, none of us wants to overpay for anything, no matter if it is tourist services or any other product. Since it is worth creating an account for your hotel, I decided that we would go together through the process of adding the facility.


Step one – Information

informations about hotel

As you can see in the first photo, most of the data that we are asked for is mandatory data, such as: Our Association with the hotel, where we have options such as: Brand Manager, Concierge, E-commerce Manager, Front Desk, Hotel Reviewer, Other (here we are asked to specify), Promotional Agent, Property Manager, Property Owner, Reservations, Revenue Manager, Sales/Marketing

The name of the Property, street address, postcode, website address and the main telephone to our hotel. In other field, we are to give the airport nearest to our hotel.

hotel map information

We are also asked to provide an exact location on Google Maps, You can set map location form your adress or set latitiude and longitude.


Step two – Details.

details of hotel

The second step, as the name suggests, includes details about our hotel. We have a lot of options to choose from as regards the type of accommodation we have in our offer and the number of stars of our hotel. There is also a section on belonging to a hotel brand. We also have the opportunity to enter the year in which our facility was opened or in which year it was renovated. We also mark the check-out and check-in times at the facility, the currency we operate in and the standard, lowest and highest room rates. The next thing that we can add is the number of rooms and floors in our hotel. The website requires us to add a description of the facility in the languages we have selected. However, I want to point out that in this step, the required fields are: Number of stars and currency.

description of property

You can select language for description, and add another language.


Step three – Photos. modern solutions for hotel photos

In the third step, we have the option of adding photos of our facility and there are guidelines on the requirements of the portal as regards both formats accepted when adding photos and their dimensions in pixels.

The portal also tells us that the pictures should be varied and cannot contain information on copyright, texts, logos or any maps. If we decide to add a photo, the portal requires us to tag what the photo refers to.


Step four – hotel amenities

kayak hotel amenities

At this point, Kayak provides us with multiple-choice fields, both in terms of general amenities . As we can see, the portal provides a wide range of possibilities.

services, policies, internet activities in hotel

We have services, regulations, internet or activities and policies. We have full freedom when it comes to the services we have selected.


Step five – Summary

confirm your data

In step five, we are dealing with a summary of what we have seen before. We can make sure that we have chosen everything we wanted. We can either click “end” or go back and improve what we think requires it. Take care of the visibility of your hotel.


Presence on as a modern solution for hotels.

Why is it worth to be on Kayak? Because our offer will be much more visible. The effectiveness of our offer will be appropriate if we have it properly created. For this we need control over the prices that we offer on various portals. Thinking about our pricing strategy will give us an advantage over the competition.

Effective hotel website audit is a solution that will allow us to significantly increase sales in several other places.

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